At Tru Cares, we understand that the only difference between us and the ones we graciously serve, is opportunity. Everyone has talents, skills, and unique traits. All one needs is a chance, a moment where one person shows belief & confidence in them.

Tru Cares brings people from distinctly different cultural backgrounds together by sharing a craft which becomes their common language. Our craft becomes the thread that intertwines these two individuals together for a lifetime. By doing so, this enables two distinctly different human beings to share their passions with one another and allows space for others with a generous heart to share their passion and skills as well.  

At Tru Cares we partner with organizations around the Iowa that are working to develop their community by building and enabling life skills to its members to aid in creating a quality of life for themselves they didn’t have before. We work with various groups that run or have access to trade schools which is our main medium for sharing our craft. We teach to those whom show interest and passion and provide them equipment, tools, & a place to learn.

We also serve within our local communities cutting hair for homeless or those facing challenges in life. We host events and fundraise for private organizations within our community sharing in the dream of giving generously to others.



At Tru Cares, we are a collection of compassionate individuals whom provide opportunity in areas where opportunities are absent.

By sharing our time, passion, and trades, Tru Cares seeks to unite with communities , to equip individuals with the willingness to invest in themselves by providing education, resources, love, and respect.


Highly Effective

With free hair care for the less fortunate, it gives clients a sense of purpose and acknowledging self wealth..