So you've decided to embark on a journey to become a barber, congratulations! As a barber trainee, there are certain expectations that come along with the territory. First and foremost, you must possess a genuine passion for hair styling and customer satisfaction. This means honing your skills by attending barber school or an apprenticeship, where you'll learn the ins and outs of barbering techniques and client management. Dedication to continuous learning is key, as trends and styles evolve constantly in this ever-changing industry. Additionally, you are expected to have excellent communication skills since connecting with clients is an integral part of the job. Being punctual, well-groomed, and presenting yourself professionally is also essential in order to build trust with customers. Lastly, having patience and the ability to handle constructive criticism gracefully will help you grow as a barber. With these expectations in mind, get ready for an exciting journey filled with creativity, camaraderie, and countless opportunities to make people look and feel their best!


Units of Instruction! Barber Apprentice Program Cost

1.    Orientation To Barbering                                            $800

a.    Study Skills

b.    History of Barbering

c.     Professional Image

2.    The Science of Barbering                                            $950

A.    I.    Microbiology

ii.    Bacteriology

iii.     Viruses    

iv.    Parasites

B.    Infection Control and Safe Work Practices      $950



Levels and Control


Disinfection Procedures

Public and Rules of Sanitation

Safe Work Practices

C.    Implements, Tools and Equipment                  $800


Haircutting Shears

Trimmers and Clippers

Straight Razors


D.    Anatomy And Physiology                                      $250

Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems

The skeletal, Muscular, Nerves and Circulatory System

The Lymphatic, Endocrine, Digestive Excretory, Respiratory and Reproduction Systems

E.     Chemistry                                                                   $250

The basic Chemistry


Cosmetic Chemistry

Shampoos, Conditioners, Rinses and Tonics

F.    Electricity And Light Therapy                          $800

Electricity and Electrotherapy

Light Therapy

G.    Properties and Disorders of the Skin       $800

The structure of the hair

Hair growth and analysis

Hair loss

Disorder of the scalp and hair

3.    PROFESSIONAL BARBERING                      $800

A.    Treatment of the Hair and Scalp

Shampoo and conditioners


Scalp and Hair treatment


B.     Mens Facial Massage and Treatments      $200

Subdermal systems  and facial massage

Theory of massage - procedures

Facial equipment and applications

Facial treatment - procedures


C.    Shaving and Facial Hair Design                     $500

Fundamentals of shaving - Procedure

Introduction to facial hair design

The mustache, beard - procedure


D.    Mens Hair cutting and Styling                      $400

The client consultation

Basic principles of hair cutting and styling

Fundamentals of Hair cutting

Safety precautions to haircutting/styling


E.    Mens Hair Replacement                                 $200

Hair replacement systems and procedure

Cleaning and styling of hair replacement system and procedures

Selling hair replacement systems


F.    Advanced Barbering Services                    $200

a.    Women haircutting and styling

Basic haircutting

Blunt cut (o elevation) procedure

Graduated, layered

Cutting, curl hair textures

Hairstyling - Procedures

G.    Chemical Texture Services                        $150

Definition nature of chemical texture services

Client consultation

Permanent waving and chemical hair relax

Relaxing - Procedures

C.    Hair Coloring And Lightening                  $250

Characteristics and structure of hair

Color Theory

Hair coloring products - procedures

Special effects haircoloring and lightening

Special problems and corrective hair color - procedures

Coloring mustaches and beards

Hair coloring and lightening safety precautions

Nails And Manicuring

The Nail Unit

Nail disorders and diseases

Introduction to manicuring - procedures

Client consultation - procedures

5.    The Business of Barbering                                      $200

a.    State board preparation and Licensing Laws

b.    The Job Search

Resume and preparing for employment interviews

c.    Barbershop Management

d.    Self Employment (Booth Rentals)

e.    Business Ownership

f.    Operating a Successful Barbershop

g.    Selling in the Barbershop


Total: $8500.00


Mentors at Tru must teach students everything necessary for them to be able to work competitively and competently as Barbers. Apprentices are taught everything they need to know in order to get started in the business. Mentors also share the wealth of their own experiences in the field.