Q.Do I have to have experience?

A. No, You can start from scratch. We will guide you from A to B

Q.Do you have in house financing if I dont qualify for any other financial assistance?

A. Yes we do. 


Q,How many Hours are required?

A. 2380

Q. What is the Process to getting started? 
3. Decision

Will I be able to Transfer my license?

Yes. Depending on the State, but since we are in Iowa, laws require 2380 hours which is 1 0f 3 of the highest hours in the United States for Barbering

Q.How long does the program take?

A. 10 to 12 months Typically  

Q.Will I be able to get a barber's license upon completionof the apprenticeship?

A. Just like any other other route(Apprenticeship or School etc) to become an barber this makes you eligible to take the PSI barber exam and gain your 2 year license within months.

Q. If I transfer in from another institution or apprenticeship do my hours transfer?

A. Yes with transcripts/sufficient evidence from previous apprenticeship/institution that those hours were completed.

Q.Will I be assigned a mentor?

A.Absolutely. You will be given instruction daily from your mentor and Supervisor.

Q.How much will I owe?

A. By time you complete the program you could owe less than 5k