Our team of experts believes in providing our apprentices with more than just the skills they need to become a successful barber — we believe in providing compensation, too! Through our Earn While You Learn curriculum, our students will have the opportunity to make an income with fringe benefits while completing our courses.

At Tru we pride ourselves on offering apprenticeship programs that set our students up for success. There’s nothing better than earning an income while you learn the trade, and when you choose to join us, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We proudly provide hands-on training, expert mentorship, insight into what it takes to succeed, advice on marketing strategies, and more.

By combining classroom instruction and paid work experience, we strive to set our apprentices up for a lifetime of career success. You deserve to work with the best, and when you choose our program, you will get the best!


WIOA is landmark legislation that is designed to strengthen and improve our nation's public workforce system and help get Americans, including youth and those with significant barriers to employment, into high-quality jobs and careers and help employers hire and retain skilled workers.


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) was signed into law on July 22, 2014. WIOA is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy. Congress passed the Act with a wide bipartisan majority; it is the first legislative reform of the public workforce system since 1998.


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